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Chariot - Dhruv Agarwal Foundation is committed to positively impacting humanity.

The purpose of the by-laws is to help develop a conscience in the Dhruv Agarwal Foundation and serve as a set of guidelines that will help steer the organization, people & choices.

  1. We will conduct all the activities, contributions and businesses under the DAF name/banner.

  2. We are an impact first organization, when faced with a choice, we will always prioritize long-term impact. The purpose of our organization should be reflected in everything we do

  3. The core purpose of organization is to help people; social benefit will be the key component in all our endeavors.

  4. 5% of our surplus will go as direct benefits to the community (directed and monitored by the Managing Director)

  5. All our endeavors will be clearly assessed for its impact; the non-financial annual reports will be accessible in the public domain, always.

  6. We will look at the world as a set of collaborators, and not believe in competition. We shall make our knowledge available to one and all and help whenever possible.

  7. Core principles to be followed by one and all -integrity (whatever we say, we do), transparency, ethics, objectivity.

  8. We will only engage with people who believe in and want to advance our mission first, then anything else.

  9. Behind every action/interaction, our core objective will be to create an ecosystem of forwarding kindness and gratitude - a DAF community.

  10. We will embrace and celebrate diversity and treat everybody equally 

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