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Understand your child, better.

15 questions curated by child development experts.
1. Constantly reflect & observe
 (Do not go with what you know, dig deeper)
2. Involve others and take their views
(Anyone who is in close contact with the child & family)
3. Keep a journal
(Note down your thoughts & observations, over time)
1. Be aware of your biases
(We usually do not see things as they are, rather we see them as we want them to be)
2. Do not take it personally
(The answers do not reflect on you, your parenting; you are doing your best)
The questions will help you think about various aspects of your child's development. They impact your child in everything they do now & in future.
Questions: Child Development
1. Do they believe in themselves, their individuality?
2. Do they express themselves well (their ideas, thoughts & emotions)?
3. Do they face challenges with a positive attitude?
4. Do they understand and accept others' perspectives?
5. Do they think thoroughly before taking decisions?
6. Do they allow external influences to affect their self-worth?
7. Do they react often (outburst, anger, shutting down)?
8. Do they take accountability for their actions?
9. Do they organise themselves efficiently?
10. Do they handle & resolve conflicts well?
A child's development is hugely impacted by the family climate. These questions will help you think about and understand your family climate and its influence on your child.
Questions: Family Climate
1. Do you spend quality time with each other?
2. Do you communicate in a healthy & supportive way?
3. Do you understand & accept one another as you are?
4. Do you manage conflicts & disagreements in a healthy manner?
5. Do you take decisions keeping the family in the centre?
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