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A unique opportunity to use your passion and drive to make a meaningful impact. This transformative experience will allow you to explore your interests and cultivate skills that will enrich your future academic journey. 


Whether it's about completing school requirements or making the most of your leisure time, our social internships have got you covered. Join our engaging program to take on new challenges and explore your potential to make a real difference.


How you can benefit

Acadmeic Future

Shape Your Academic Future

Transform your academic future by developing interdisciplinary skills, broadening your knowledge and exploring interests from a fresh perspective. 

Boost college Journey

Boost Your College Journey

Learn essential skills sought by top universities, and receive a valuable recommendation letter, certification and LinkedIn endorsement. 

Gain real world experience

Gain Real-World Experience

Dive into our frontline project and engage in real-world collaboration and practical problem-solving to gain a unique edge in addressing contemporary issues.

Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual Curiosity

Show your passion for learning beyond the classroom, exploring new ideas and delving into challenging topics.

Community Service

Community Service

Get involved in a project that makes a positive difference in your community, showcasing your commitment to giving back.



Taking proactive steps to pursue opportunities, engage in self-directed projects, and pursue personal and academic growth.

Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

Equip yourself with the ability to investigate new topics and uncover insights that drive innovation and impact.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Sharpen your problem-solving and decision-making skills to tackle real-world problems head-on.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Master the art of data collection, assimilation and analysis to uncover meaningful insights.

Leadership Experience

Leadership Experience

Take initiatives that showcase your leadership abilities, setting yourself apart as a capable and confident future leader.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Improve your ability to share and receive ideas effectively and build connections with professionals and peers.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Foster empathetic connections and enhance your interpersonal skills for a brighter future.

Ready to make an Impact ?


Video Testimonials

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Program Structure

Journey as a changemaker

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Our Intern Network 

Alumni Admissions

  • What is the time-commitment expected from interns?
    Interns are expected to dedicate 30 to 35 hours over 4 weeks. This commitment includes 3 weekly meetings - flexible and arranged to suit the availability of students in each intern batch.
  • Is the program self-directed or guided by mentors?
    This program strikes a balance. While mentors offer guidance, students actively participate, taking initiative and contributing to the program's success.
  • Do I need to prepare anything in advance for this internship?
    There is no need to prepare anything in advance for this internship.
  • What support or guidance is available during the program?
    A trained psychologist is assigned to you as a program mentor. In addition, a web portal with learning resources will be available throughout the journey.
  • Why is youth-led research emphasized in the program?
    We believe that you, the future leaders, hold a unique perspective that can contribute to a brighter future.
  • What is Chariot's vision and mission?
    Chariot is a youth-driven non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality of mental health support for young people.
  • Why does Chariot charge a commitment fee for its internship program?
    The commitment fee is charged to ensure the dedication of students to the program's cause and goals.
  • Can I read testimonials from past participants in the program?
    You can read about our alumni experience here.

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